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Introducing a collaboration between Front Porch Investments x Housing Narrative Lab!

Every day, Front Porch works to advance collaborative housing solutions, fueled by the vision of a community broadly committed to affordable housing for everyone. However, in order for our community to be truly and fully committed, we need to be informed, and that doesn’t just mean more stats and data. We believe that the way we talk about #HousingMatters too, because it shapes what we do as a community. 

This is why our team launched the Front Porch Investments x Housing Narrative Lab project in 2023, because the way we talk about housing really matters. We believe that it matters just as much as how we fund the work with developer and nonprofit partners. How we speak and talk about housing shapes the actions we take as a community! We wanted an opportunity for everyone in our community to be part of the affordable housing solutions - and we need your help. 

During 2023, we undertook a deep research project to understand how our community currently​ talks about affordable housing, which words we use, and what underlying belief system runs through our community on this topic. Once we have that research in early 2024, we will set out to create supporting narrative that will help inform business owners, elected officials, nonprofit partners, our media and journalism professionals, and everyday neighbors to know and understand more deeply just how impactful it will be when we support affordable housing, and everyone having a place to call home.

We have raised $108,339.26 of our $90,000.00  goal.



To learn more about narrative, and this project with the Housing Narrative Lab, please watch our interview with Marisol Bello of the Lab!



Please watch this video from Housing Narrative Lab (mentioned at the 9:00 minute mark from the interview link above)

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