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What We Do

We Believe

Front Porch Investments envisions a future when our entire community is committed to ensuring everyone has a home where they can thrive, with bold decisions about housing being made at every level, and effective innovation and solutions being utilized to support housing as a human right.

Our mission is to create opportunities to implement successful housing solutions by maximizing public and private resources, convening community partners, new stakeholders, and historically excluded voices, including all these perspectives in a shared vision for the future.We accomplish our mission through our values:

Getting the right work done, in the right way.

Basically, this means that we consistently ask ourselves which work needs to be done when, and how, based on our framework, goals, and the impact that is needed. This also means that we consistently ask: “Is this our work to create, or do we need to instead, collaborate?”  

Leveraging resources to test bold innovation.

We use the word “braid” a lot in our day-to-day work, and it’s not accidental. Multiple strands of braided material are not only stronger but are easier to carry. When we braid funding sources together, and leverage resources already available in the community, we lighten the load across the housing sector. Our desire to be truly innovative means that we do not simply suggest solutions that have never been done before, we focus on the right solutions in our community, that have simply not been implemented here locally.

Prioritizing equitable access to power.

Power is a tricky thing, and we believe the first step towards equitably sharing power is to acknowledge that it exists, and to examine who holds it. Power with provides for more meaningful decisions, more sustainable solutions, and brings a community together in ways that often cannot be measured. We prioritize and seek out ways to disrupt the notion of ‘power over’ and take every opportunity to offer our work with an open hand, and with many seats pulled up to the table.

Fostering a collaborative environment where transformative change happens.

Collaboration requires accountability, consistency, and a certain level of shared vision. Part of our work is to foster and create environments where true collaboration can exist, even when it is sometimes messy, and takes longer than if we’d done it ourselves. If we want to see our vision come to fruition, where everyone has a home where they can thrive, and our policies support housing as a human right, we must seek that transformation in our communities, together, with linked arms.

What Guides Our Work:

What does this look like, day to day?