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What We Do

We create opportunities to implement successful housing solutions by maximizing public and private resources, convening community partners, new stakeholders, and historically excluded voices, and we include all these perspectives in a shared vision for the future.

Our team envisions a future when our entire community is committed to ensuring everyone has a home where they can thrive, with bold decisions about housing being made at every level, and effective innovation and solutions being utilized to support housing as a human right.


  • Don Curry * Innovation Round Awardee
    Don Curry * Innovation Round Awardee

    "I know what affordable housing was able to do for me and my family,” Curry said upon learning of the award. “This is sentimental. It feels good knowing I’m going to be able to do something to help somebody else."

Our Impact

In Spring 2022, Front Porch Investments made a pilot round of loans and grants, investing $7.3 million to support affordable housing development and preservation projects and programming. The larger Development and Preservation Fund launched in August 2022 to scale the preservation and development of affordable housing through a combination of revolving loans and catalytic grants. The Development and Preservation Fund will award loans and grants three times each year, with each round focused on key strategic priorities. To date, the Development and Preservation Fund has awarded $22M in loans and $4.3M in grants and expects to award another $9M before the end of 2023. 

In early 2023, a Greenlining Fund was launched to provide financial support for homeownership and housing stability in areas of historical disinvestment.  The Greenlining Fund is led by a community advisory committee. At the launch, 227 interest forms were received and after a review of prioritization and eligibility, 15 homeowners living in formerly redlined neighborhoods were invited to apply for zero-interest home equity loan funds in an amount up to $50,000 for home repair and/or renovation projects. 

Front Porch Investments is also highly engaged in policy and advocacy at both the local and statewide level through leadership and participation on a variety of coalitions and work groups. In the 2022 legislative session, Front Porch helped introduce a package of five bills to increase funding for housing development and eliminate barriers to the production of affordable housing and is currently involved with the implementation of the City of Omaha’s new Housing Affordability Action Plan.