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Where Do You Fit?

Employer or Business Leader

How can you get involved as an employer and business leader?  

Communicate with your elected officials:

Our research shows 1 in 4 households in the Greater Omaha Metro are housing cost-burdened. Your elected officials need to hear from you about the specific situation in your community. Advocate for zoning policies responsive to your community’s needs and more funding for housing initiatives. You can communicate with your elected official to let them know that housing for your employees matters for your business' success and your community's economy. To locate the email address of your City Councilmember where you reside, or where your business is located, visit the Omaha City Council website): 

Educate yourself on the housing supply needs in your specific geographic area. 

Support your employees’ efforts to attain affordable housing, and understand whether or how housing is an issue for your employees. They may be preparing to buy a home or need help raising their credit scores. Consider the following key supports that can help employees secure stable and affordable housing: 

  • Consider matching down payments or security deposits to help ensure your employees can access quality housing. 
  • Establish an emergency loan fund for your employees who need immediate help. 
  • Be a reference for your employees to list on their rental applications. 

Ready to take more action?