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Where Do You Fit?

Provider or Developer

How can you get involved as a housing provider or developer?  

As a pivotal and important part of the ecosystem, affordable housing provided by property owners (landlords), supportive programs provided by nonprofits, and affordable housing developers can all play a part. Read on to learn more!

Learn about:

Renters’ and Landlords’ Rights and Responsibilities

For Property Owners, improve housing stability in your community by:

  • Registering your rental units in the Rental Registry with the City of Omaha.
  • Listing your units with Metro Housing Collaborative and actively recruiting other property owners to join as well! 
  • If you are considering selling your property, choose a buyer who will preserve affordability for your residents. 1,300 rental units lose affordability every year after properties are sold. Need help connecting with a buyer or seller with affordable housing as a priority? Contact the Metro Housing Collaborative. 
  • Examine your tenant selection criteria to expand opportunities for more people. Research shows certain barriers in a person’s background are not necessarily relevant to a renter’s ability to succeed as a tenant. Revisit your screening criteria to consider whether your requirements could be loosened without increasing risk. Take advantage of the risk mitigation fund currently being offered by the Metro Housing Collaborative.

For Developers and Property Owners, improve housing stability in your community by:

Consider life-cycle realities in your renovation strategies to help with accessibility. For example, an ADU can provide expansive options for rental properties and support multigenerational living, physically accessible housing, or allow for aging in place. Another example is prioritizing universal design or comprehensive accessibility features that support increased use of housing spaces.  

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