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Where Do You Fit?


How can you get involved as a policymaker?  

Underscore affordable, accessible, available, and quality housing as core to your policy making. 

Value all voices in your housing discussions: developers, tenants, communities, and advocates. Adopt an integrated approach to policy making, keeping affordability, education, health, and transportation in mind when addressing housing.

Be receptive and open to policy changes that incentivize development at affordable price points and broaden housing options. 

Learn about the economic consequences of the housing shortage, and the economic opportunities when we prioritize solid policy that supports housing as a human right. 

Affordability isn’t limited to one community or governing entity. Collaborate with neighboring policy makers to ensure local policies advance affordability across the region. 

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... between Jenny Schuetz (author of Fixer Upper) and Catherine Bracy, CEO and Co-Founder of TechEquity: Fixer Upper, a discussion with the author

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