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Loan and Grant Funding Priorities Checklist released

The Front Porch Investments logo is at the top left. The document is titled "Priorities Checklist: Resident, Project, and Property Characteristics" and contains thirty-nine rows of priorities in shaded colors.

The mission of Front Porch Investments is to create opportunities to implement successful housing solutions by maximizing public and private resources, convening community partners, new stakeholders, and historically excluded voices, and we include all these perspectives in a shared vision for the future. 

We are all part of the solution when it comes to addressing our affordable housing crisis in the Greater Omaha Metro. In order to accomplish our mission, we seek partnership and collaboration from applicants seeking funding from Front Porch Investments.  

Our Priorities Checklist was developed through the contributions and feedback of a large stakeholder group in the early months of 2021, following the completion of the assessment of housing affordability, needs, and priorities.  


Download the Priorities Checklist