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Down Payment Assistance resources

Dr. Terri L. Crawford stands in front of large Undesign the Redline tour photos which are on the wall. She is wearing a beige suit with a red shirt.

Front Porch Investments launched its inaugural cohort of the Community Advisory Committee (CAC) in November 2022, to bring together people currently living in areas impacted by redlining, or who have previously experienced the direct impact of redlining. The CAC will share in impact and decisions about future grants and funding disbursements in Omaha for the Greenlining Fund. The CAC's collective vote has equal power to the vote of the Front Porch staff and vote of the Board of Directors for Front Porch Investments.

The purpose of the Greenlining Fund (launched in Summer or Fall 2023) is to not only to provide intentional reinvestment and direct resources to create or maintain homeownership in areas that have experienced historical disinvestment through redlining or other disadvantages, but to also proactively prevent future displacement of residents due to rising property valuations as a result of current and future investments and development in the community. The Greenlining Fund's impact will be realized through "purchase to payoff" support for homeowners and prospective homebuyers possibly including, but not limited to: down payment assistance, low interest home financing, home equity loans, property tax relief, debt consolidation, etc.

Down Payment Assistance Resources

One specific effort of the CAC is to prioritize the program and impact that the Greenlining Fund will support for its pilot launch. Quickly, we realized together that we needed to first understand what down payment assistance resources already existed in the community, and what the usability of those resources are. A third question was: do the intended users and beneficiaries know about those resources?

We created three resources which are now available on our website. To learn more about down payment assistance available in the Greater Omaha area, please review, download, and share those resources!

The CAC is excited to continue working on building out the Greenlining Fund, and ultimately release eligibility and funding information soon!

Undesign the Redline Tour

Recently, the Community Advisory Committee toured the Undesign the Redline exhibit at UNO. Thank you to Dr. Terri L. Crawford for the in-depth and powerful tour experience! To visit the exhibit yourself:

Tours - The exhibit is open to the public for unguided tours on Thursdays from 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. (individuals and groups of 4 or less) or you may request a guided tour for groups of 5 to 30 people. Learn more about the exhibit and tour details by reviewing the information at this page

*To view photos from the tour, please visit this page.