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Greenlining Resources

Front Porch Investments has launched its inaugural cohort of the Community Advisory Committee (CAC), to bring together people currently living in areas impacted by redlining, or who have previously experienced the direct impact of redlining. The CAC will share in impact and decisions about future grants and funding disbursements in Omaha for the Greenlining Fund. The CAC's collective vote has equal power to the vote of the Front Porch staff and vote of the Board of Directors for Front Porch Investments.

The Greenlining Fund will be launched Summer of 2023. Its purpose is to provide intentional reinvestment and direct resources to create or maintain homeownership in areas that have experienced historical disinvestment through redlining or other disadvantages, and to also proactively prevent future displacement of residents due to rising property valuations as a result of current and future investments and development in the community.

The Greenlining Fund's impact will be realized through "purchase to payoff" support for homeowners and prospective homebuyers possibly including, but not limited to: down payment assistance, low interest home financing, home equity loans, property tax relief, debt consolidation, etc.

To watch the videos of the October 2022 conference created in partnership with UNO, on the topic of redlining history and the Greenlining fund impact, click here:

To learn more about down payment assistance available in the Greater Omaha area, please review, download, and share the following resources. Please note: the documents have website links embedded in the text, so that you can click to learn more about down payment assistance programs, and down payment calculator tools: